The Best Video on Gun Control I’ve Seen to Date

Being a big supporter of our second amendment rights, I’ve seen quite a few videos in support of gun rights, but I can honestly say, this is the best one I’ve seen to date.  We need less gun control, and more citizen activism in this regard.  I can guarantee you if every person carried a firearm with them at all times, there would be less gun crime deaths each year.  Instead, politicians are using the deaths of children to advance their agenda.  Read my about page if you need a further understanding of what they’re trying to do.  The idea is simple:  They’re trying to sell us gun control under the guise of “for the children.”  I say any senator or representative who wants to FURTHER inhibit our rights as law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, (for those that don’t know the definition of infringe, this would be it), should be immediately recalled and/or voted out of office at the earliest opportunity.


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