I’m having a GIVEAWAY!

The first person to tell me why this rifle   314884820should be banned, while this rifle ruger1022 shouldn’t be, gets a beating over the head with my virtual tack hammer.  This beating will be provided at absolutely no monetary cost to you.  There is no limit to the number of beatings you can receive.  Keep showing how much of a retard you are, and I’ll continue dishing them out.  Those of you who know the models of these two rifles, I ask that you please keep it to yourselves, so the idiots out there can show themselves.  If you don’t know and just want some information, you’re welcome to comment, and you won’t be belittled for not knowing.  It’s okay to not know something and be interested in learning.  What I have an issue with is not knowing, and still attempting to be some kind of subject matter expert on it.


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